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The Public Broadcasting Service's Tony Brown brought his antiracism message Sunday to Reg Lenna Civic Center.

Speaking to a multiracial crowd, the host of "Tony Brown's Journal" said race is irrelevant in America and those who call themselves Americans have more in common than they have differences.

"When the youth is not educated, we are all in jeopardy. When the economy is managed by one party pretending it's two parties, you and I are being had," Brown said.

While separate races may blame one another for their problems, Brown said, each person must take responsibility for himself.

"Neither of you is right, and when you point a finger at the other group, remember, four fingers are pointing back at you," he said.

"We need to mature, and we need to mature beyond race. It is a phony construction, created to divide you. Most people in public life will never tell you the truth, and until the masses of Americans wake up and understand the reality and challenge its leadership to produce a better leadership, there is no hope for America," Brown said.

He added: "All the white people in America who don't know they have a problem -- I pray for you. If you really believe you are preferred, you know nothing about American history and less about what's going on in this country. I can say this for blacks: We are way behind in most areas. But we have enough common sense to know somebody is doing something to us."

Brown called for empowering people to improve themselves, and he said technology is the key.

"If your child is going through school making straight A's but is computer illiterate, your child is a failure. Because your child's future will not depend on whether he can read, write and count. It will depend on whether they can read, write and count and use technology."

Brown will also speak today at Jamestown Community College.

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