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West Seneca Supervisor Paul T. Clark Friday criticized the "political propaganda" put out by Town Board candidates Christopher P. Walsh and Barbara A. Rudnicki who claim they were "first" to propose a three-year moratorium on tax hikes.

"I talked about this possibility a year ago," Clark said, "not last spring. And show me where they have ever voted to cut taxes or cut town jobs?"

Clark's budget shows a slight drop over last year's: a tax rate of $12.55 per $1,000 of assessed valuation, down from $12.57. He says that figure will be stable through 2000, if commercial and residential building continues and no significant losses in taxable property occurs.

A tax stabilization fund still has $300,000 in it and a booming stock market means contributions to the employee retirement fund have been less than expected, meaning a savings on the tax bill for town services and highway maintenance.

Clark added that taxes were cut by 2.6 percent in 1995 and three-tenths of a percent in 1996, although taxes rose 5.8 percent last year.

His opponents claim taxes have risen 20 percent in the last five years.

"That's patently untrue," Clark said.

"Taxes have risen about 8.2 percent overall from 1993-1997. If we hold the line as I propose we will, that will mean an average rise of 1 percent a year through the year 2000."

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