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Two recent articles in The News speak volumes about the need for more unionization in our country. One noted that many people lack health insurance. What a travesty of justice that here in America, a person must go without what can only be considered a basic human need.

Another article highlighted a federal program that provides funds to enable U.S. employers to hire workers from outside the United States for high-paying jobs here in America.

With NAFTA we induce businesses to take good-paying jobs and ship them to Mexico, and with this new program we encourage companies to import workers into this country to fill high-paying, high-skilled jobs. Apparently no worker in the United States needs a job or can qualify for one. What voice can change this?

Only one -- a union. That is what outlawed child labor. That is what brought us Workmen's Compensation, Disability, Social Security and the 40-hour work week. And that is what is needed to stop the erosion of our standard of living.

Michael J. Rusinek

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