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Is our world a little too politically correct? It seems as though we must walk on eggshells these days because, God forbid, we might offend someone. Well, people are not always going to agree with others' ideas and forms of expression. That's what is so great about America. Here, we have the freedom to believe, speak and express ourselves in whatever way we want as long as it does not infringe upon the rights of others.

Yet people often compromise their ideas for fear that somebody will take offense. This fear of offending others is a subliminal form of censorship that nobody seems to see. By conforming to this social obsession of being politically correct, we hide our opinions, bottle up our expressions and revert to a time when we had few rights.

If it were not for those who spoke out, we might still think the Earth was flat or that owning slaves was acceptable, not to mention all of the art, film and literature we enjoy never coming about. Progress ceases when we stop thinking for ourselves and stop speaking our minds.

Joseph Creighton

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