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I took great exception to the negative letter in Everybody's Column entitled "Why can't Buffalo get its act together?" I, too, was born and raised here and left at age 27 to live in Baltimore, where I remained for 10 years.

The writer was appalled at the condition of some neighborhoods around downtown. Apparently she doesn't remember Chippewa Street, which has undergone an incredible revitalization.

As much as I love Baltimore, it has several neighborhoods that surpass Buffalo's worst. And Baltimore announces a daily homicide count on the news. They just don't advertise these things in their travel brochures.

Also, one cannot ignore the advantages the city enjoyed in renovating its inner harbor simply due to its geographical location between New York City and Washington, D.C.

In response to her questions about where the taxpayers' money is going and where the political leadership is, I respond: "Thanks for sharing." Tell the citizens of Buffalo something they don't know.

Not to worry, though. The politicians responsible for stalling the growth of this city are being weeded out and progress is being made.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the writer and myself is that I, too, came home for yearly visits -- but I stayed.

Nora E. Lyons

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