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Terrence M. Connors, special counsel to the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, mayor's attorney and friend, 50

Heard any good lawyer jokes?

The problem with lawyer jokes is that some people don't think they are funny, and some people don't think they are jokes. But since you ask ... What's black and brown and looks good on a lawyer?

A Doberman.

Ha. You look like a lawyer, you know.

I've heard that. I suppose everyone has an idea of what a lawyer should look like. If you meet certain stereotypes when you go into court or meet with a client, I think that's half the battle. You meet their expectations. It means a lot with the jury.

If you weren't a lawyer, would you look the same way?

No. I had hair to my shoulders in law school.

Do you make friends with clients?

Absolutely, which is one of the rewards of this business. Your friendships span a diverse culture. I have a lot of close friends at the Diocese, yet I've had friendships with people who are in a great deal of trouble -- the other end of the social spectrum. One day you can be sitting next to a banker or mayor; the next day you could be sitting next to an indigent who is fighting for his life.

How close do you become?

I read once that the bond between a lawyer and a client is as strong as any other bond there is. It's been likened to soldiers in a battlefield. It's your most intimate time. I ask people about incredibly personal aspects of their lives, and people share them with me. They have to.

What's the last concert you went to?

Billy Joel and Elton John.

If not law, what?

Two guard for the New York Knicks. That means shooting guard. It's a lot less work than the point guard.

Favorite TV show as a kid: "Sgt. Bilko," "The Phil Silvers Show."

Secret vice: Chocolate chip cookies.

Favorite movie: "The Sting." The setup is incredible. It's so well thought-out, like a good lawsuit.

Runner-up favorite movie: "The Magnificent Seven." It's the best western ever made.