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It Takes a Village Green

P&T applauds Assemblyman Sam Hoyt for understanding how valuable the Elmwood Avenue Village Green Bookstore was to the "strip" community. A recent visit brought it all home. The sense of palpable loss has more to do with a close-knit community than a failing business (and we at the magazine are hip to feelings of loss). Sam may be barking up the wrong trees by talking to giant retailers like Borders and Media Play, but his heart's in the right place, and we wish him success in finding someone to groom the Green.

Sticks in the Mud

Electoral turkeys to guys who should be fighting like roosters. Election Day is a stone's throw away, and the mayoral campaign has yet to heat up. Let's face it, a vital aspect of any election is entertainment value, and we're just not getting any, even from Jimmy's camp. We thought the debate would shake things up, but it was as dull as most '90s Super Bowls. Where's the mudslinging, the name-calling, the innuendo -- all the things that make civic responsibility so irresistible?

Sweet Spot

Promotional plumage to a new TV spot for downtown from Buffalo Place Inc. Light on verbiage, it's mostly footage of people, places and happenings. But it's good footage, and well-edited. It has a big-city look to it that makes our cozy town feel bigger and brighter, and that's what it's all about, right?

Take It Inside

Pigskin plumage to the impending arrival of a real arena football team. We were excited, then disappointed, when the announcement came a while back of an arena team that turned out to be in an also-ran league (and would not play in the arena). Now the real deal. We expect MMA football will have all the sound, fury and excitement of those rowdy and rousing Bandits lacrosse games. Not that it could ever replace that other football team, but it's an affordable and climate-controlled alternative. And one more reason for folks to come downtown.
And FIRST SUNDAY wouldn't be that lovable magazine celebrating Western New York without peacocking the locally written books about this area. "Beyond Buffalo" by David Lawrence Reade and "Secret Places" by Bruce Kershner point out in no uncertain terms that despite its problems, life in Western New York can be enchanting and extraordinary.