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Randy Phillips, Promise Keepers president, looked back to history -- and back to Buffalo -- Saturday to illustrate how easy it might be for men to miss out on the Lord's saving word.

"I must warn every man here," he said during a speech at the massive Promise Keepers rally. "It is possible for you to be at the threshold of a life-changing experience and yet miss it altogether."

Phillips noted that when President William McKinley was shot at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo in 1901, doctors removed one bullet from the president's body but missed another.

"A week later, he died, primarily, it was believed, because of the insufficient cleaning of the wound due to the untraced bullet," Phillips said.

"The tragedy of this story is compounded by the fact that, at the same exposition, apparently unknown to the doctors, a new invention was on display, a revolutionary device that could have helped called the X-ray machine. That machine, fully operable, would certainly have helped locate the bullet."

Similarly, Phillips said, men at Saturday's event could let the word of God pass them by. "The danger exists that we could be in the right place today but not access the right help," he said.

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