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ABA Tuesday night -- North-south, Juanita Tillman and Wardell Lewis, 89; east-west, Sue Jackson and Thelma Daughtry, 92, possible 140.

B&P Shannon Pub Tuesday morning -- Howell. First, Jane Yates and Marilyn Brunner, 48; Ruth Jones and Janet Morgan, 40; second, Alfred Haber and Bill Rieker, and Audrey Phillips and Harold Meyers, 43.5 (tie); possible 84.

B&P Shannon Pub Friday morning -- North-south, Strat A and B, Nancy Torrell and Dan Torrell, 148.5; east-west, Strat A, Nita Ferrel and Dan Foley, 136.5; Strat B, Lorraine Ciavatta and Jeanne Gladysz, 120.5, possible 216.

B&P Four Seasons Monday morning -- Howell. First, Pauline Canne and Harold Meyers, 108; Elve Johnston and Dan Johnston, 98. Second, Catherine Capen and Bill Castle, 102; Shirley Lyth and Margaret Trott, 93.5; possible 168.

Bridge Centre Monday morning -- Strat A, Alfred Haber and Renzo Renzoni, 108.23; Jeanette and Selma LeVine, 101.77. Strat B, Robert Cruser and Eleanor Wright, 91; Judy Graf and Linda S. Vassallo, 86.69. Strat C, Judy Graf and Linda S. Vassallo, 86.69; Sally Teibel and William Elgar, 79.15.

Bridge Centre Monday evening -- North-south, Strat A, Jeanne Gladysz and Donna Steffan, 131.84; Strat B, Steve Shanley and Steve Rashkin, 124.62; east-west, Strat A and B, Thomas Guttuso and Frank Catalino, 131.91.

Bridge Centre Tuesday morning -- North-south, Strat A, Jean M. Sullivan and Joan Neville, 127.5; Stat B, James Hoover and Joan Hoover, 126.5; Strat C, Sandra C. Silverstein and Hazel C. Turner, 115.5. East-west, Lorraine Ciavatta and Jeanne Gladysz, 137.5; Strat B, Joe Benenati and Mary Lou Cross, 129.5; Strat C, Betty Flood and Ethel Corbett, 94.

Bridge Centre Tuesday evening -- North-south, Strat A, Beverly Cohen and Jacques P. Stehlin, 124.88; Strat B, Anne Watkins and Rita A. Sofia, 113.06. East-west, Claire Chodorow and Jim L. Mathis, 115; Strat B, Michael E. Ryan and Nora Branconi, 98.5.

Bridge Centre Wednesday morning -- North-south, Strat A and B, William Bascom and Suraj Jain, 141; east-west, Irving Jacobs and Walter S. Majewski, 140.06; Strat B, Alfred Haber and Betty Bronstein, 136.13.

Bridge Centre Wednesday evening -- North-south, Steve Shaye and Caroline Pascoe, 98.5; Strat B, Dona J. Tepas and Sue Neubecker, 87. East-west, Strat A, Harry Cheung and Kevin Gervase, 114; Strat B, Betty Bronstein and James Jacobi, 86.5.

Bridge Centre Wednesday evening -- Mary Ann Byers and Toby Richards, 51.33; Kathryn Rogers and Mary Ball, 47.5.

Bridge Centre Thursday morning -- North-south, Audrey Phillips and Philip S. Thomas, 95; Strat B, Pol Akman and Gil Krawitz, 85. East-west, Strat A, Adam Dzimian and Alfred Haber, 103.5; Strat B, Collette Sangster and Jim Sangster, 90.5.

Bridge Centre Thursday evening -- North-south, Strat A and B, Betty Dorio and Ed Borsky, 160.68; Strat C, Guy Puccio and Ray Schmitt, 138.68. East-west, Strat A, Charles Tripi and Philip S. Thomas, 167.5; Strat B, Ken Moreson and Darroyl Burt, 164.95; Strat C, Terry Fraas and Paul L. Piciulo, 136.

Bridge Centre Friday morning -- Strat A, Brian Meyer and Alan Melohusky, 73; Betty Bronstein and Robert Fellman, 68; Brian Meyer and Alan Melohusky, 73; Betty Bronstein and Robert Fellman, 68.

Bridge Centre Saturday afternoon -- Strat A and B, Terry Band and Suraj Jain, 92; Philip S. Thomas and Pol Akman, 86. North-south, Audrey Phillips and Dorothy E. Kumrow, 118.5; Strat B, John Bielinski and Elaine L. Kurasiewicz, 117.5. East-west, Doreen Scott and Trudy Manaher, 152; Strat B, Philip S. Thomas and Charles Tripi, 102.5.

Buffalo Whist Monday -- North-south, Pat Burns and Audrey Phillips, 125; east-west, Chuck Schorr and Anne O'Connor, 122.

East Aurora Wednesday -- North-south, Roseann and Ray Stoklosa, 76; east-west, Dan Clark and Nello Enfante, 66; possible 140.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening -- North-south, Jean Rosenthal and Audrey Adams, 139; Irene Seefeldt and Sandy Lechner, 113.5; east-west, John Valentine and John Lewis, 130.5; Connie Swick and Beverly Norton, 118; possible 216.

Lockport Duplicate Saturday afternoon -- Howell. Millie Harris and Mary Strassburg, 31; Don and Miriam Regnet, 25.5; possible 48.

Margaret McCarthy Friday -- North-south, Strat A, Jeanette Michienzi and Marcia Freed, 130.5; Strat B, Beverly Dale and Eleanor Barrett, 99; east-west, Strat A, John M. Sinclair and Christine T. Urbanek, 128.5; Strat B, Doyce Coffman and John H. Ziemer, 113.5.

Tots Center ACBL Game Monday -- Gene Wilke and Frank Max Sr., 18; Dorothy Caputy and Rose Bochiechio, 16; possible 30.

Tots Center Wednesday afternoon -- North-south, Edna Fill and Pat Wolf, 96; east-west, Madge Hegedus and Ralph Freeman, 92.5; possible 168.

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