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"Beyond Buffalo," a new photographic book by David Lawrence Reade of the Town of Boston, is a perfect companion for anyone who likes to take drives in the country to explore New York, northwestern Pennsylvania and nearby areas of Ontario.

"We have some spectacular scenic treasures right in our own back yards that go wholly unappreciated -- because most people don't even know they exist," Reade writes in the introduction to the book. He provides color photos of 25 of his favorite spots, as well as maps, detailed directions and comments. There are lots of waterfalls, parks and secluded streams here.

Some of the spots, which Reade terms "anytimers," are in the city or close to it, including Forest Lawn, Beaver Meadow Nature Center, Letchworth and the Zoar Valley. Places a little farther away, termed "daytrippers," include Watkins Glen, Chimney Bluffs and Allegany state parks. A few "weekenders" also are listed, including Inman Gulf in the Adirondacks and Pine Creek, Pennsylvania's Grand Canyon.

The book costs $19.95 and is available at Waldenbooks, Borders, Barnes & Noble, Media Play and other bookstores.