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1. Angela's Ashes, Frank McCourt
2. One Carton of Oops, Judy Bradbury
3. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, Richard Carlson
4. Laws of Our Fathers, Scott Turow
5. Cause of Death, Patricia Cornwell
6. The Oz Principle, Roger Connors
7. Plum Island, Nelson DeMille
8. Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul, Jack Canfield
9. The Color of Water, James McBride
10. Cold Mountain, Charles Frazier
(SOURCE: local sales, Barnes & Noble)


1. Be Here Now, Oasis
2. Songbook, Trisha Yearwood
3. The Dance, Fleetwood Mac
4. No Way Out, Puff Daddy & the Family
5. Yourself or Someone Like You, Matchbox 20
6. Surfacing, Sarah McLachlan
7. Greatest Hits, Vol. 3, Billy Joel
8. Pieces of You, Jewel
9. "Men in Black" Soundtrack
10. The Fat of the Land, Prodigy
(SOURCE: Media Play)


1. Carmageddon
2. Dungeon Keeper
3. Links LS '98
4. X-Com: Apocalypse
5. First Aid '97
6. 688(I)
7. Monopoly
8. Oregon Trail II
9. Redneck Rampage
10. Tomb Raider
(SOURCE: Media Play)


1. Star Wars: The Trilogy
2. Romeo & Juliet
3. Pooh's Grand Adventure
4. That Thing You Do
5. Courage Under Fire
6. Cats Don't Dance
7. Happy Gilmore
8. Jungle 2 Jungle
9. Fear
10. Jack
(SOURCE: Media Play)


1. The Devil's Own
2. Dante's Peak
3. Murder at 1600
4. Donnie Brasco
5. Metro
6. Sling Blade
7. Absolute Power
8. The Relic
9. Scream
10. Jungle 2 Jungle
(SOURCE: Blockbuster Video, local sales)


October's Book:
"Flesh Wounds" by Mick Cochrane
"A professor at Canisius College, Cochrane does an exemplary job in his first novel of using details of ordinary life to depict the painful emotions of a family undergoing an almost unbearable crisis. As powerful as 'Ordinary People' in putting family love through a trial by fire."

Elaine Harrigan, Barnes & Noble
October's CD-ROM:
"Shadow Warrior"

"It's first-person simulation. Very graphic, which seems to be what sells these days. It also incorporates the humor of Duke Nukem."

Joe Riggie, Media Play
October's CDs:
"I'm going to give you two. The first is 'The Napkin Song' by Jorge. It's going to be the new Macarena. 'Get up. Get up and shake the napkin with me.' Can't you just see people doing this at weddings? And the other is Tom Mabe's 'Revenge on the Telemarketers.' You've never had a telemarketer call you?"

-- Tom Ragan, co-host of 103.3 The Edge's morning show
October's Video Rental:
"Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery" to be released Oct. 21.

"It's a hip comedy that will make you laugh out loud. Mike Myers is hysterical in a Bond-type spoof. It's smashing, baby!"

-- Lane Rodgers, Blockbuster Video