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All My Children: Edmund grieved after receiving devastating news. Laura told Scott a lie to cover her real secret. Visiting the beach where the plane had crashed, a guilt-ridden Brooke broke down in Jim's arms. Marian and Liza flew to New York on a TGA plane that experienced difficulties, but they arrived safely. Miles took responsibility and grounded all TGA flights. An angry Tim walked in on Trevor and Janet's kiss. Adam destroyed the divorce papers. A depressed Kevin learned that his brother wanted to see him, and went to visit Jason in prison. Coming: Brooke feels an attraction to Jim.

Another World: Rayburn used Etta Mae to lure Josie and Toni to the hospital, where he had set a trap. Toni risked her life to save Rayburn, who nearly plunged out a window, but he spitefully pushed Josie out of the window. Cindy restored the records showing Grant is Kirkland's father. Alex told Rachel about Carl's affair with his first wife, Diana. Amanda continued to trick Rachel about Carl's so-called affair with Hadley. Carl accused Alex of committing a horrible crime in the past. Coming: Lila finds a new interest.

As the World Turns: Holden's plea for forgiveness reached Lily and she admitted that she still loves him. However, when Lily found out that Molly is pregnant, she collapsed in hysterics and said she never wants to see Holden again. After receiving a package that greatly disturbed him, Ben told Camille that she must accept the job transfer he arranged for her. Nikki and Terri paid a visit to David's aunt and discovered that his parents died in a suspicious fire. David connived an invitation to move in with Lucinda. Coming: Nikki wants Hal's support.

Bold and Beautiful: The Forresters were disheartened, but not defeated, when Jonathan told them that they'd have a hard time proving theft of their designs by Grant. In order to prove that Sheila is mentally unstable and get the baby back, James realized he'd have to make Sheila believe that he's in love with her. Stephanie figured out that Lauren is pursuing Eric again, but informed her rival that she's not stepping out of the picture. Stephanie urged Ridge to find out exactly what's going on between Taylor and Thorne, because she's suspicious of their story. Coming: James makes inroads with Sheila.

Days of Our Lives: John and Hope faced dangers in the jungle as they searched for the plant that could provide Roman's miracle cure. As Hope struggled to save John, who had become stuck at the edge of a cliff, the natives closed in on them. In Rome, Carrie was determined to find out how Mike feels about her. Austin was horrified when he discovered the needle marks on Billie. T.C.'s attraction to Jen made Jack nervous. Later, Jack was shocked to learn that the judge who had sentenced him to life has disappeared. Coming: Jen fights to preserve her virtue.

General Hospital: Determined to drive Katherine away, Stefan launched a campaign to publicly humiliate her. Lucky's feelings for Sarah deepened, but she got closer to Nikolas and they shared their first kiss. Carly encountered problems when Lorraine demanded more money. A.J. stopped Monica from tearing off to a showdown with Carly. Jax offered support to Brenda, who finally gave in to the emotions of her loss, and asked Jason to keep an eye on her. Coming: Tony and Carly make plans.

Guiding Light: Reva floored Annie with the news that she and Josh are still together, and that Alan had sold out Annie. Annie returned to Cross Creek, drunk, out of control and vowing to destroy anything that has to do with Reva. Harley and Phillip gave in to their feelings for each other. Buzz wasn't happy with this and warned Phillip that he had better not abuse Harley. Matt rushed to stop Vanessa from making a tragic decision. Ed came home, told Rick that Jesse had received Maureen's heart, and asked Michelle to go back to Africa with him. Coming: Buzz and Nola let it all out.

One Life to Live: Jacara surprised Hank at his fishing cabin, soon followed there by Carlotta, and Hank had to take control of the awkward situation. Todd learned that Blair had served him with custody papers. Tea found a way to get back at Blair and devised a strategy that would give Todd full custody. Cassie and Mel teamed up to find out whether Dorian had anything to do with David's disappearance. While visiting Addie, Cassie inadvertently upset her in the course of seeking information about Dorian. Coming: Jacara receives a disturbing call.

Port Charles: Chris supplied information to Ellen that led to a suspension and possible hearing for Karen. A furious Joe punched Chris on Karen's behalf. Rex broke into the lighthouse and put a drug on some of Scott's envelopes, then told his lawyer that Scott might have a substance abuse problem. Meanwhile, Scott ingested the drug and started to hallucinate. Eve believed that Bennett arranged the job offer in Chicago in order to get rid of Frank, who wanted to stay in Port Charles. Coming: Jake hopes his plan will topple Rex.

Sunset Beach: Annie did everything she could think up, including drugging Dr. McRae, to keep Ben from finding out the truth, but the doctor was finally able to tell a furious Ben about Annie's post-hypnotic meddling. However, Ben feared that all was lost when he received a goodbye e-mail from Meg, unaware that it had been sent by Tim. Gabi got Ricardo to go to bed with her, but when he rejected her afterward, Gabi lied to Paula that Ricardo had raped her. Cole realized that Olivia must be carrying his baby. Coming: A fateful meeting for Cole.

Young and Restless: Chris and Paul found out the last name of Daniel's biological father, and planned to go to New York to find Brian. However, Paul informed Danny that he's not needed on the trip because Paul wants to have time alone with Chris. Sharon advised Tony to be more ambitious to make Grace fall for him. Victoria returned home to find Ashley and Cole sharing a kiss. Ryan flew to St. Louis to view a body, fearful that it might be Nina, and was relieved when the woman was a stranger. Meanwhile, Nina returned to her apartment and was enraged to find Tricia there. Veronica vowed to get Josh back. Coming: Cole has an awkward reunion with Victoria.

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