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After reading the numerous responses, solutions, quick fixes and everything short of a miracle regarding ways to solve the severe and dangerous traffic congestion in the area around William Street and Union and Losson roads, I feel I must also put in my two cents.

I have lived in this immediate area for the past 22 years and can recall quite clearly what a peaceful and non-congested area it once was.

At this point, the only real answer to preventing any added congestion is a moratorium on home/multidwelling building in the above-mentioned area and in the Town of Lancaster.

But of course no one in Cheektowaga or Lancaster government will consider this,because they are too busy seeing "green" through their rose-colored glasses.

The quality of life away from the rat race of going to and from one's job has, in itself,become a rat race. There is no "peace and quiet" on these roads anymore, whether it is two o'clock in the morning or two o'clock in the afternoon.

In addition, promises have been broken. Homes are now being built on old Losson Road and a new adjoining road connects it with the "new" Losson Road, with a newly constructed home already in place. More tax dollars coming in!

Doesn't anyone in town planning realize that for every new home built, it means two or three more cars on these narrow, already crowded roads at peak traffic rush hours?

It now takes up to 20 minutes in good weather to turn onto Union from Losson and even longer when the weather is bad. Turning onto Union from William is equally difficult.

Senior citizen complexes are being packed in like sardines on what little open land was left on William Street. Lancaster has more new subdivisions going up than available buyers.

Meanwhile, Cheektowaga taxpayers are seeing their roads deteriorate faster than the change of seasons. The only things I am getting for my ever-increasing tax dollars are a sick stomach and a constant fear that someone in my family will be in an accident because of this hazardous situation.

My solution is down the road, though, if I live through this man-made, greed-made mess. I, like many of my "boomer-age" colleagues, plan to move out of the area when I retire to a more peaceful and safer environment. Where? Sorry, I don't want the company or the traffic!

Joyce A. Hubbard Cheektowaga

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