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3:20 -- 1527 Pierce Ave., criminal mischief. A woman said someone smashed a glass door window of her apartment.

4:14 -- 500 block of 15th Street, harassment. A man said a woman shoved and kicked him in front of his eight-year-old daughter.

4:20 -- 4600 Hyde Park Blvd., criminal mischief. A 16-year-old boy said two youths smashed a window of his apartment as he watched TV.

4:49 -- 1606 Main St., Maytag Laundromat, criminal mischief. Terry A. Himes said someone forced open a soap vending machine and took an unknown amount of change.

5:50 -- 1600 block of Niagara Avenue, dog bite. A woman said a large dog bit her 10-year-old son on the buttocks, breaking the skin.

6 -- 3040 Livingston Ave., burglary, petit larceny and criminal mischief. A man said someone took his keys, entered his garage, took a motorcycle helmet and tried to steal his motorcycle, but since the thief could not move it past his car, the cycle was dropped, breaking the mirrors and a tail light, he said.

6:30 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., Public Safety Building, arrest. Samuel L. Haslip, 41, of 13th Street, charged with promoting prison contraband.

6:50 -- 2497 Willow Ave., arrest. Brian T. Malaney, 37, of Willow Avenue, charged with criminal mischief and menacing.

9:36 -- 518 Ninth ST., criminal mischief. A woman said someone scratched the car's side view mirror and dented the roof and driver side.

10:10 -- 900 block of Lockport Street, robbery. A man said that as he walked through an alleyway, two men approached him from behind, held something to his head and said, "Give me what you got." the other man took his wallet with $100, two charge cards and license, and they both ran away, he said.

11 -- 1001 Pine Ave., no license. Police said a 15-year-old boy was stopped and when an officer ascertained his age, he was turned over to his father and the vehicle was towed.


2:21 -- 600 block of 22nd Street, arrest. Michael A. Shaffer, 23, of 23rd Street, charged with driving while intoxicated, no seat belt, imprudent speed and failure to signal.

5:15 -- 4600 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. John L. Smith, 35, of Depot Avenue, charged with two counts of assault.

8 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Randall D. Just, 32, of Sixth Street, charged with violation of probation.

8 -- 1522 Pierce Ave., menacing. A 15-year-old boy said five boys followed him and a 14-year-old boy to school, and one pointed a hand gun at the first boy, which he knocked out of the boy's hand.

8:55 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Erin K. Brennan, 20, of Joanne Circle, charged with failure to appear.

9 -- 717 Pine Ave., burglary. A man said someone pried open the door to his trailer in his driveway and took his TV, VCR and other items.

9:30 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Benny D. Streeter, 31, of 21st Street, charged with two counts of failure to appear.

9:45 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Johnny L. Gaddis, 28, of 22nd Street, charged with failure to pay a fine.

10 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Kenneth D. Neil, 57, of Niagara Street, charged with rape and sexual abuse.

10 -- 621 10th St., Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center, arrest. Brenda L. Penque, 33, of Falls Street, charged with two counts of failure to appear.

10:30 -- 2944 Michigan Ave., burglary. A woman said someone took $30 overnight from her kitchen table.

11 -- 477 19th St., burglary. A woman said someone entered the unlocked back door of her house and took her purse with $200.

11:20 -- 952 Maple Ave., Maple Avenue School, grand larceny. Denise M. Procaccini said a man took her purse with three credit cards, personal effects and $25 from a room.

11:45 -- 302 Rainbow Blvd. N., Polo Store, petit larceny. A man said three men took his brief case with two airline tickets to France and a pen, and ran.


12:10 -- 2220 Cudaback Ave., arrest. Ahmed H. McCray, 19, of Cudaback Avenue, detained for parole.

12:10 -- 1000 Portage Road, Tops Markets, petit larceny. An employee said a man left without paying for two sandwiches and two drinks.

12:40 -- 622 18th St., burglary and grand larceny. A woman said someone locked her in her basement while she was inside and took her keys and her purse with three credit cards and $30.

1:10 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Joseph B. Allison, 16, of Ferry Avenue, charged with petit larceny.

1:10 -- 472 20th St., arrests. Daniel R. Laroche, 18, and Joseph B. Allison, 16, both of Ferry Avenue, both charged with robbery.

2 -- 1737 Whitney Ave., burglary. A woman said someone entered her apartment and took her VCR, necklace and wedding set.

3 -- 746 Spruce Ave., criminal mischief. A woman said someone bent the fence cross pole in the front yard.

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