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Why all the "brewhaha" about a Starbucks on Elmwood Avenue? Are the dozens of vacant storefronts on Elmwood the unique ambience that Forever Elmwood and Caffe Aroma are trying to protect? Why fight this chain and applaud Sam Hoyt's efforts to attract Borders and Barnes & Noble to the Village Green site? Any business that increases foot traffic is good for all Elmwood businesses.

Caffe Aroma has a loyal clientele, as evidenced by the number of people willing to sign a petition that asks the Common Council to deny Starbucks the right to operate on Elmwood between Forest and Virginia. This show of support should be a comfort to Caffe Aroma and a cause for concern to those who believe in free enterprise and choice.

Any company willing to make an unsubsidized investment in our neighborhood, pay taxes and health insurance benefits, shovel snow and sweep the sidewalk should be welcomed.

Lorna Lippes Buffalo

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