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Tabulations are based on an exit poll averaging at least 300 film-goers per movie. Viewers rate the movie between 1 and 4 stars. "Audience Approval" is the percent who gave the film either 3 1/2 or 4 stars.


"The Edge" stars millionaire Anthony Hopkins, who hires fashion photographer Alec Baldwin to photograph his beautiful wife, Elle Macpherson, amidst the astounding splendor of the Alaskan landscape. Anthony suspects that Alec may be up to no good with Elle, so when the two men are stranded after a plane crash in the remote and dangerous Alaskan wilderness, it occurs to each of them to do the other in. But not so fast. They need each other to survive the ordeal, a fact that spurs tangled treachery and deceit. Moviegoers said: "A simple but fantastic story about human nature," "Unbelievable cinematography. The scenery was spectacular" and "It was better than ordinary movies because of the interesting and subtle subplot." (Buffalo News Critic Jeff Simon: "A terrific old-fashioned man vs. wilderness adventure with some dicey new-fangled territorial imperatives by David Mamet." He gave it 3 1/2 of 5 stars.)


"The Peacemaker": An atomic explosion in Russia masks terrorist bomb theft, and Nicole Kidman must manage rogue George Clooney and disarm nuclear warheads prior to their exploding in downtown Manhattan.

Moviegoers said: "Lots of good action," "It was exciting, but pretty much like any other film. It really didn't distinguish itself with anything special" and "The whole movie didn't seem authentic. It was too big and Hollywoodish, and I don't think it's something people will believe." (Jeff Simon: "A taut and dandy thriller." He gave it 3 1/2 stars.)

"Soul Food": At the center of an extremely extended black family is Big Mama (Irma P. Hall), the exalted matriarch. Her holiday dinners are virtual festivals, richly steeped in traditional foods, family folklore and gossip. At the heart of the tale are three sisters: Nia Long loves her husband, but has little money. Vanessa L. Williams is successful at law, but failing at marriage; and Vivica A. Fox is the third sister. "Soul Food" is funny, endearing, inspiring and familiar -- an excellent film that earns our highest must-see recommendations.

Moviegoers said: "A super family movie that made me feel great," "Real life is better than other movie stuff. This is fantastic entertainment" and "Back to the family." (Buffalo News Staff Reviewer Rafer Guzman: "As family dramas go, this one has less sugar and more grit than most. The story, as told through the eyes of a young boy named Ahmad, concerns a black family in Chicago that falls apart when the family matriarch is hospitalized." He gave it 3 stars.)

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