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West Seneca now has its fifth active Neighborhood Watch group, and its members say their streets already seem more pleasant.

Located in the Seneca-City Line area, near Savona, Manhasset, Dorr and Birch streets, the group is coordinated by Linda Payne with the assistance of Jean Tout and Gary Aures, said Capt. Edward Gehen, town police Neighborhood Watch coordinator.

"Neighborhood Watch does not organize people as vigilantes, and it does not even guarantee any faster response to police calls," Gehen said. "But it does open up lines of communication in a neighborhood as well as between residents and police when we meet monthly to discuss ideas and problem."

The result has been a new spirit of caring in the neighborhood, Mrs. Payne said. "We really look out for each other. We have people who walk or drive around, and I'm told we'll be getting cell phones under a special police communications program.

"And when someone does sign a complaint, two or three of us go along to court to keep them company, which showed us something else about the justice system," Mrs. Payne added.

"I expect this fall and next summer we'll have a much quieter neighborhood."

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