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3:10 -- 359 Memorial Parkway, arrest. Clinton Robertson Jr., 39, of Memorial Parkway, charged with failure to appear.

3:40 -- 1700 block of Ferry Avenue, assault. A 12-year-old boy said a boy punched him in the face, knocked him to the ground and kicked his head and body.

3:50 -- Rainbow Bridge, arrest. Sahidan Ali, 44, of Toronto, Ont., detained for U.S. Immigration.

4 -- 901 Cedar Ave., robbery. Esther J. Curcione said a man pulled her purse with personal papers, a charge card and keys from her hand, causing her to fall and injure her knee.

4:45 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., Public Safety Building, arrest. Steven C. Occhino, 31, of Niagara Falls Boulevard, charged with three counts of failure to appear.

4:50 -- 1632 Weston Ave., petit larceny. Walter J. Boisvert said a man took a video game system, three game paddles and five video games.

4:51 -- 918 Ferry Ave., arrest. Theresa L. Graham, 35, of Ferry Avenue, charged with two counts of failure to appear.

5:30 -- 226 Cleveland Ave,. petit larceny. A 17-year-old girl said the CD player and a jacket were stolen from her car.

5:52 -- 1653 98th St., criminal mischief. Louis D. Hazlett said a boy spray painted his vehicle in black.

No time listed -- 901 Ferry Ave., Ferry Deli, harassment. An 11-year-old boy said a man accused him of stealing butter and kicked him.

7 -- 9000 block of Zito Street, criminal mischief. Glenn W. Newbury said the sun roof of his car was damaged.

8:10 -- 2248 Pierce Ave., arrest. Howard J. Jordan, 28, of Sixth Street, charged with aggravated unlicensed operation, resisting arrest, no taillight, no turn signal, unregistered motor vehicle and no proof of insurance.

8:41 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Herbert A. Darrah, 20, of Seventh Street, charged with rape.

9:45 -- 205 22nd St., arrest. Marilyn R. Delvalle, 36, of Wildwood Drive, Town of Niagara, charged with disorderly conduct.

10:09 -- 1965 Welch Ave., criminal mischief. Kelli J. Craft said her garage door was spray painted in black.


12:39 -- 1800 Pierce Ave., arrest. Marc A. Capatosto, 27, of Ontario Avenue, charged with failure to pay a fine.

12:50 -- 1000 block of 15th Street, assault and criminal mischief. A woman said a man struck her in the head and shattered two windows in her home.

12:56 -- 19th Street and Walnut Avenue, arrest. Daniel Ramos, 24, of Ontario Avenue, charged with criminal possession of a weapon, expired inspection, passing a red light and failure to appear.

1:38 -- 600 block of Ninth Street, arrest. Cheryl L. Johnpier, 16, of Cayuga Drive, charged with passing a red light, unlicensed driver, failure to signal, failure to reduce speed, criminal impersonation and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle after Frederick C. Johnpier said she took his van.

8 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Rosalind Marrero, 32, of 16th Street, charged with criminal mischief and harassment.

9:15 -- 800 Niagara Ave., arrest. Gladys M. Sorenson, 66, charged with grand larceny.

9:30 -- 4600 Hyde Park Blvd., petit larceny. Danielle M. Quinn said two license plates were taken from inside her vehicle.

9:50 -- 1320 Michigan Ave., assault. Stephanie M. Mix said a man walked into her apartment, demanded immediate repayment of a loan, kicked her in the stomach and whipped her about the legs with a cord from an iron.

10:05 -- 492 23rd St., criminal mischief. Anna M. Dorato said her apartment door was damaged.

10:07 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Christopher A. Maucere, 44, of Rainbow Boulevard, charged with public lewdness.

10:25 -- 1500 Military Road, LaSalle High School, assault. A 16-year-old girl said a woman punched her in the face.

10:45 -- 261 Portage Road, criminal mischief and petit larceny. James McBride said a toolbox and floor jack were stolen from pickup truck, which was broken into.

11:20 -- 1602 Niagara St., petit larceny. Deborah M. Barnhart said two tables, two plastic chairs and four silk flower pots were stolen from the roof of a garage.


12:10 -- 1507 Pine Ave., arrest. John L. Focazio, 71, of Wayne, N.J., charged with criminal trespassing and harassment.

12:30 -- 1202 Pine Ave., Walgreen's Pharmacy, larceny. William E. Gibson said a man picked up his two prescriptions without his permission.

1:30 -- 452 22nd St., grand larceny. Gilda Arico said a boy took $5, her check book, personal papers and a charge card from her purse inside of her house.

2 -- 2730 Pine Ave., Mister Michael's Coiffeures, petit larceny. Alice Budnick said someone took her glasses while she was having her hair cut.

2 -- 4831 Frontier Ave., arrest. Brian B. Bryan Jr., 41, charged with harassment.

2:15 -- 1654 Niagara Ave., stolen property. George W. Anderson of Lewiston said his miter saw, rechargeable drill, cordless saw and some trim for siding were stolen from his van.

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