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We are concerned about Independent Health's proposed increase of a member's co-payment from 20 to 50 percent for self-injected medications. Our daughter is receiving a growth hormone that is medically prescribed by a participating physician. It is a challenge to give her daily injections, but she has done remarkably well. While we can appreciate attempts to contain soaring health-care costs, this proposal is grossly unjust and will force us to either discontinue the medication or financially ruin our family.

We realize some medications are very expensive, but that is exactly why we have been paying insurance premiums for many years. What good is insurance if, when we finally need it, we're denied? If we could have foreseen this problem and invested all of the money spent on premiums over the years, we might have the money to pay for this drug. Why is it that when we really need our insurance coverage, we're left standing alone?

Tom and Kathy Deguehery Kenmore

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