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I am writing in response to the letter by Crystal Peoples, majority leader of the Erie County Legislature.

I'm wondering how anyone in this position can form the biased assumption that a majority of the population wants the Buffalo Bills to remain in Buffalo regardless of the costs to the taxpaying public.

This grandiose scheme to unite fans from around the state by building rail access costing untold dollars boggles the mind. Talk about being taken for a ride!

According to Peoples, throwing money at a plan to satisfy a craving for football is supposed to develop more thoughtful and careful economic development planning and transportation innovations in the future.

Exactly how will these wonderful things transpire? How will the retention of a football team develop more thoughtful economic development?

How will pouring taxpayer dollars into an athletic event lead to transportation innovations? Visualizing waterfront development and employment training based on a football team staying in this area is not only ludicrous and nonsensical but downright insulting to us all.

According to our majority leader, these wonderful things will transpire if our officials are allowed to pour our tax dollars into the team's coffers. It makes one wonder why these things have not occurred in all the years the Buffalo Bills have been here.

I firmly believe a majority of residents would welcome the opportunity to be heard if the proposed Bills lease were placed in the form of a referendum.

Why can't we, as the employers of these politicians, dictate how best to spend the magnanimous sums being placed before Ralph Wilson?

Politicians who fear losing this franchise need to be reintroduced to the true needs of this area. What they are proposing amounts to outright theft of funds to supplement their absurd notion that this area will "wither on the vine" without the Bills.

Buffalo is crumbling. Our education system is deteriorating due to a lack of funds and our roads are disintegrating. Yet our politicians are worried about spending millions of our dollars to sustain a sports team.

What they are really promising taxpayers is a stack of "Bills" that each and everyone of us will end up paying. How could their priorities have become so distorted?

As election time rolls around, voters should present each of the legislators who insist on this lease the opportunity to earn a living in the private sector. It's really the best gift we can give them.

Joseph Bogden Tonawanda

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