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"I have risen from the dead. I'm walking around and eating and putting my mind back to the women again and blah, blah, blah."

Author and feminist Betty Friedan, 76, recovering from open-heart surgery.

Stop the presses
Those ambitious paparazzi! Last spring when Maynard Ferguson played UB, local photographer Steve Desmond got an assignment to snap the trumpeter in action. He did -- though, he admits, "I had no clue who Maynard Ferguson was." Desmond liked how the picture came out. He collects autographed pictures, so he sent it to Ferguson, asking him to sign it. To his surprise, he got a call from Ferguson's daughter. "They loved the picture!" he says. "They wanted to use it as his worldwide press photo." That wasn't all. Thunderstruck over the pic, Ferguson's people held off the printing of his biography, set to hit stores this fall. A change was made, a deal was struck, and now, when the book comes out, Desmond's shot will grace the cover. The credit will read, "Photo by Desmond's Primefocus, Buffalo, N.Y." It has a nice jazzy ring to it.

Valley of the dolls
What has long legs, big hair and stiletto heels ... yet has family values written all over it? The Barbie doll that Buzz is taking to South Buffalo this weekend to get autographed by Marie Osmond. On Friday from 4 to 7 p.m., Marie will be signing dolls at the Buffalo Candle & Craft Outlet, 1928-29 South Park Ave. Joining her will be local doll designer Beverly Stoehr, who instructed Marie and her father, George Osmond, on doll design -- and who appeared with Marie on the cover of Woman's World magazine in 1995. Osmond is autographing dolls she designed, such as fat, curly-haired "Daisy." But we're hoping she'll sign Barbie, if the price is right.

Rather ... not
Speaking of cuteness, there always has to be that feel-good moment. Always. Even when Dan Rather spoke at Daemen College's Wick Center. During the Q&A session, a man raised his hand and gave a speech about how his son had always wanted to grow up to be just like Dan Rather (yeah, right). If the tyke were to walk down and extend his hand, would Mr. Rather shake it? Cameras clicked, and oohs and aahs rang out, as the kid bounded to the podium. As Mad magazine would say: Yecch. If you're going to ask a dumb question, you may as well go for broke and ask, "What's the frequency, Kenneth?"

Ach, du lieber
This week, Buffalo was full of Germans -- from Dortmund, our sister city. We ran into a bunch of them in Allentown. Big-bellied, heavy-faced guys, they ordered pitcher after pitcher of beer. They spoke no English. Nada. Zip. So Buzz barged in with our florid, outdated Kaiser's German (a unique dialect, gleaned mostly from operas and stuff). We made the Dortmunders laugh -- but we picked up a few things. For instance, Dortmund, amazingly, has the same mayor it had when Buzz, at 16, went on the exchange. (He was staying at the Hyatt.) One guy had the exact model of Mercedes that Princess Di was riding in when she died. And yes, all of them had seen "Das Boot." But international understanding wasn't complete until an Eagles song came on the radio. One German paused, took a deep breath and managed his first word of English all night. "Oldie," he said.

The buzz
Winter's coming. Drink up! Saturday, pack a picnic and head to Ashford Hollow, where the fifth annual Fall Wine Tasting Tour of Griffis Sculpture Park happens from noon to 5 p.m. Kids get in free, and enjoy hayrides and pumpkin painting. Adults donate $20 and enjoy the fruits of the vine. ... Thursday, Oct. 9, from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m., it's the Cold Brews and Hot Blues Festival, at Shea's. Fine food and worldwide beers. Tickets are $20 -- call 847-1410, Ext. 124.

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