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On Sept. 25, The News published a letter from Barbara A. Jezioro describing an unfortunateincident at the Sept. 21 Buffalo PhilharmonicOrchestra performance.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Jezioro's facts are correct. The Philharmonic's usher offered the mother and toddler alternate seats, but they refused to move. The usher was reluctant to ask the security guards, who are not in uniform, to remove the woman by force.

The problem was discussed at our Senior Staff meeting and at the board of directors meeting on Sept. 25. The staff and board were appalled that someone would be so inattentive to such common courtesy. I want to extend a deep apology to the offended patrons from me, the staff and the board of directors.

We discussed revising our policies regarding younger people at our concerts. Because so many people tell me how important exposure to the BPO was to them at a young age, we are inclined to leave our policy alone. However, in the future, we will try to prevent toddlers from attending the concert. We will also instruct the ushers to obtain help to remove offenders such as this. The only significant problem we encountered last year involved several teen-agers.

Again, our apologies to our patrons.

Joseph E. Goodell Executive Director
Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

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