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4:05 -- 1737 Whitney Ave., arrest. Sharon L. Johnpier, 18, charged with criminal mischief after Kenneth L. Draper said she kicked the door to his apartment off the frame.

4:15 -- 100 block of 56th Street, dog bite. Darlene Wall said a dog on a rope bit her 11-year-old daughter on the buttock.

4:15 -- 1504 Pine Ave., Wilson Farms, arrest. Rickey C. Powell, 29, of Niagara Street, charged with petit larceny.

4:20 -- 453 23rd St., petit larceny and harassment. Mariann Gualano said three boys took her purse from her apartment, a camera, a case of beer, a CD, and three packs of cigarettes, and punched her when she punched them to try to get the items back.

5 -- 400 block of Spruce Avenue, endangering the welfare of a child. A woman said a man threw a bottle at her 12-year-old son as he rode his bike.

5:35 -- 1220 Falls St., arrest. Antoine D. Mallory, 21, of Jordan Gardens, charged with petit larceny.

5:50 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., Public Safety Building, arrest. Marc A. Madore, 25, of Cudaback Avenue, charged with failure to appear.

6:25 -- 302 Rainbow Blvd. S., criminal mischief. Police said two boys knocked over three paper boxes, damaging a Niagara Gazette box and a USA Today box.

7:15 -- 1527 Pierce Ave., arrest. James F. Deibel Sr., 41, of Niagara Falls Boulevard, charged with two counts of criminal possession of a controlled substance.

7:40 -- 4600 Hyde Park Blvd., criminal mischief. Mabel B. Seger said a man kicked and dented a side panel on her car.

8:15 -- 100 block of 66th Street, menacing. A woman said a man threw dishes and a bowl of hot chili on her, burning her arm.


12:10 -- 610 Niagara St., burglary and criminal mischief. Neil W. Brown said his front door window was broken and a battery charger was taken.

12:52 -- 2000 18th St., arrests. Carl N. Lightfoot, 17, of Southgate, charged with obstructing governmental administration, aggravated unlicensed operation, passing a stop sign, speeding, failure to yield the right of way to an emergency vehicle and two counts of no turn signal, and William G. Penn, 29, of Southgate, charged with obstructing governmental administration, criminal impersonation and failure to pay a surcharge.

1 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Shadeed A. Dussett, 19, of LaSalle Avenue, charged with unlicensed operation, operating with a revoked registration and two counts of obstructing governmental administration.

3:16 -- 400 Ferry Ave., arrest. Christopher A. Ridgway, 36, of Garden Avenue, charged with driving with a suspended registration and no seat belt.

6:10 -- 454 12th St., criminal mischief. Maureen R. Curtis said a window in her vehicle was shattered and a pull-out car stereo was taken.

7:20 -- Weston Avenue and 18th Street, robbery. Lynn G. Syme said a man grabbed her purse and yanked it off the strap. The purse contained a charge card, bank card, personal papers and keys, she said.

8 -- 2424 Willow Ave., criminal mischief. Mary E. Malaney said an opera window in her car was shattered.

8:11 -- 1117 Ferry Ave., criminal mischief and petit larceny. Michael W. Mease said a vent window in his car was broken.

8:16 -- 2250 Woodlawn Ave., criminal mischief. Aaron T. Burns said a vent window in his car was broken and the interior ransacked.

9:30 -- 1157 Haeberle Ave., criminal mischief. Jennifer M. Molak said a vent window in her car was broken and the car ransacked.

10:15 -- 2445 Willow Ave., criminal mischief. Valerie A. McQuillan said a vent window in her truck was broken and contents rifled.

10:35 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. James R. Depadre, 19, of Grand Avenue, charged with failure to pay fines.

11:30 -- 8431 Buffalo Ave., attempted burglary. Peggy J. Cheetham said her locked apartment door was opened.


12:15 -- Main Street and Cleveland Avenue, harassment. Angela M. Ford of Buffalo said a man punched her in the head.

12:20 -- 778 1/2 15th St., petit larceny. Brian E. Bussard said someone took his bike, which had a locked chain around the rear tire and frame, from a walkway.

12:32 -- 444 Third St., arrest. Juan M. Cox, 20, of Ely Avenue, charged with violation of parole.

1:40 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Richard G. Scarupa, 24, of Bellreng Drive, Town of Niagara, charged with assault and criminal mischief.

2 -- 953 McKinley Ave., petit larceny. Barbara Felicetti said a large Mickey Mouse flag and pole were from the front of her house.

2:10 -- 838 66th St., Delia Chevrolet, larceny and criminal mischief. Michael E. Mancini Jr. said two trucks on the lot were broke into, with one stereo system stolen, the dash damaged and a window broken on one, and a window broken on the other truck.

2:20 -- Comfort Inn, petit larceny. Daniel G. Russell said he left his bicycle adjacent to the hotel and when he returned, he found it missing.

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