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A preprimary News editorial regarding Dennis Manley was an inaccurate attempt to discredit him personally and to unfairly influence the outcome of the Democratic primary, which he won in spite of its effort.

There is a crisis of confidence in Buffalo. I've never seen so many homes for sale. How will the recently expanded federal housing voucher program impact our neighborhoods? With a 50-percent vacancy rate in the Arbor Lane apartments, what will be the impact on that neighborhood? Will crime, which is so prevalent in public housing projects, follow the voucher program?

People are concerned. Despite the delicate nature of this issue, people have a right to raise these questions without being labeled bigots by The News. City Hall has not been candid or forthright about the Arbor Lane issue.

Dennis Manley does his community a great service in raising the issues associated with the federal housing voucher program. The News has done him and South Buffalo a great disservice.

Tony Hammill Buffalo

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