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As native Buffalonians whose jobs require us to live in Tampa, we wish to commend the Erie County Legislature for its impending approval of the lease with the Buffalo Bills.

We know that many Western New Yorkers object to the approval due to the use of a tax. However, we hope they realize how shortsighted they are.

Many people may not realize that the Bills are a major "homecoming" attraction for those who have left the area. Just check with the various Bills Backers clubs around the country (or world) and see how many of their members return each year to take in Bills games.

Although we live about seven miles from Tampa Stadium, if we want to see real pro football and be with real fans, we drive 1,300 miles to Orchard Park.

We have done this every year for 19 years, usually attending two games. This year we will go to three games. We also have never missed a playoff game at Rich Stadium. While here, we spend money on food, lodging, gasoline, souvenirs and clothes.

The camaraderie found in Western New York is unique. The atmosphere is unparalleled and the history is awesome. If the "movers and shakers" of big business could also be exposed to this, they might realize Buffalo is a lot better than its "bad weather" reputation. With computers, business can be done from anywhere -- so why not do it from Western New York?

If the regionalization of the Bills is done with vigor, it could be that catalyst to bring in those "movers and shakers," who might well bring jobs and new sources of revenue with them.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mogavero Tampa, Fla.

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