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The body of Long Wolf, a Sioux chief who died 105 years ago in London while traveling with Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show, was buried atop a wind-swept hill in his ancestral land Sunday.

"I'm very glad my grandfather is home. I feel very good now," said Jessie Black Feather, 87, Long Wolf's closest living descendant.

Long Wolf died of pneumonia in London in 1892. He was buried with 17-month-old Star, also known as White Star, who died when she fell from a horse during a London performance.

Jessie Black Feather's mother was 12 when Long Wolf died. Her mother returned to the United States, but the body remained in England. Later, a British woman found a book that mentioned Long Wolf's life and burial. She tracked down his relatives.

On Sunday, family members and others gathered in Wolf Creek, a community 10 miles east of Pine Ridge, for the two-hour ceremony.

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