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Microsoft Corp. will unveil its next-generation browser Tuesday at a San Francisco bash, as it attempts to integrate the user interfaces of the browser and the Windows 95 desktop.

The Redmond, Wash., company is betting that Internet Explorer 4.0 will continue to erode rival Netscape Communications Inc.'s dominant browser market share and put the two companies on an equal footing in the Internet software arena.

When fully installed, Internet Explorer 4.0 will take over the Windows desktop, allowing users to launch desktop applications with a single click of the mouse, as they do in a browser, instead of the double-click normally required. Users also will be able to navigate through the Windows desktop with browserlike "forward" and "back" buttons and drag Web pages from the browser directly onto the Windows background screen.

Deal creates largest dairy firm
DALLAS (AP) -- Suiza Foods Corp. announced today it will buy Morningstar Group Inc. in a stock swap worth $784 million that creates the nation's largest dairy company.

Morningstar's products include Lactaid, a Lactose-free milk, and International Delight nondairy creamer. Suiza sells frozen and refrigerated goods under its own name and store brands.

The combined company will have annual sales of more than $2 billion.

Pan Am to take over Carnival
MIAMI (Knight-Ridder) -- Shareholders of Pan American World Airways have voted to swallow up Carnival Air Lines -- one year after Pan Am resumed service.

Pan Am President Martin R. Shugrue Jr. called the merger the start of a new era for the two passenger airlines. However, analysts were not uniformly optimistic about the union of the money-losing South Florida carriers, especially given Pan Am's failure to raise up to $100 million in financing before shareholders met.

"A successful financing is critical to a successful merger going forward," warned airline analyst Julius Maldutis of Salomon Brothers in New York.

Apple changes its selling ways
CUPERTINO, Calif. (AP) -- Apple Computer Inc. is following the example of successful PC clone companies by revamping the way it does business with its resellers.

Apple, which has seen sales and market share decline, is adopting some of the practices of such big PC makers as Compaq and Dell, which try to reduce inventories and hasten the flow through the "channel," the path products take from the manufacturer to consumer.

Apple said it will lower the sales volume resellers must have before they can buy Macintoshes directly. The company also has decided to offer its entire line, with the exception of education products, to all resellers.

Toyota overcharging lawsuit settled
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- About three million Toyota customers will be mailed coupons good for $150 off another Toyota under a settlement of an overcharging suit approved by a federal judge.

The suit, filed on behalf of people who bought Toyotas in the United States between April 20, 1990 and Sept. 30, 1994, accused the company of inflating the price by including an advertising cost in its dealer invoices.

The settlement provides $150 coupons that can be used for the purchase or lease of any new or used Toyota from a participating dealer for five years. Up to $50 of the coupon could be used for repairs at a Toyota dealer within a year, with the remainder available for the purchase or lease discount.

Buffalo Newspaper Guild ratifies pact
Members of the Buffalo Newspaper Guild, the largest union at The Buffalo News, ratified a six-year contract providing pay increases totaling 13 percent plus bonuses at a meeting Sunday afternoon in the Radisson Hotel and Suites, Cheektowaga. The vote was 142 to 23.

The new contract also provides additional benefits for part-time employees, imposes a temporary freeze on credits for the health insurance plan and makes provisions for employees who give primary care for family members.

The agreement came after 18 months of negotiations. The previous contract between the Guild, which represents about 350 editorial, advertising and circulation employees, and the News expired July 31, 1996.

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