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The apparent loser in a Conservative Party write-in primary for Lewiston Town Board said he may file a lawsuit to reverse the result.

Michael F. Loree said the Niagara County Board of Elections disallowed as many as four votes cast for him. If only two of the votes had been accepted, he would have won a Conservative ballot position for the Nov. 4 election.

Loree was credited with 11 votes in the Conservative primary. Darwin J. Langlois received 17 votes, and Paulette A. Glasgow got 12. The top two finishers advance to the November election as Conservative nominees for the two available board seats.

Loree said an apparent error by election inspectors resulted in the appearance that as many as four write-in votes had been cast on party lines other than Conservative.

The number of holes punched by the voting machine in the strip of write-in paper designates the party for each vote. Loree said the Board of Elections threw out votes bearing his name but the wrong number of holes for the Conservative Party.

That's typical of this year's minor party write-in primaries. In every race, the defeated candidates have not been eliminated. They have other party lines in November.

In the Lewiston council race, Loree won the Republican primary, and Mrs. Glasgow, who would lose her Conservative ballot position if Loree's suit succeeds, is assured the Freedom and Independence Party lines.

Langlois will appear on the GOP, Conservative, and Freedom Party lines. The Democratic candidates are George E. Briggs and Mark V. Sarro.

In another write-in contest, 17th District County Legislator Bradley E. Erck snatched two lines away from Erik M. O'Neill.

O'Neill had been endorsed by the Conservative and Independence parties, and his name alone appeared on the voting machine for both primaries. But Erck won the Conservative race, 21-14, and the Independence race, 5-1, with just write-ins votes.

O'Neill still has the Republican and Freedom parties' lines against Erck, who is the Democratic and Liberal nominee as well.

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