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Lackawanna is trying to save its fading history -- quite literally fading -- in the yellowed and crumbling pages of the Lackawanna Herald, Daily Journal, Front Page, Steel City Press, Lackawanna Leader and several other local dailies and weeklies.

Except for the Front Page, these early-20th-century publications are long gone -- along with the Victorian, a newsletter sent out by the Baker-Victory Homes for many years.

They are stored in the library attic, but librarians are afraid to let scholars handle the brittle pages. Microfilming them is the goal.

"We figure it will take about $20,000 in man-hours to microfilm all the papers," said library director Salvatore Bordonaro. "So far we've raised $3,400."

In June, the Margaret L. Wendt Foundation gave the library an $11,000 grant to buy a microfilm reader-printer but funds must be raised to microfilm the newspaper pages to preserve and make accessible this bit of Steel City history. The library has details for
potential donors.

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