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Persistence really paid off for Doris Hilczmayer of Buffalo, as she was this week's first-prize winner in SUPER JINGO 802 -- a trip for two for seven nights at the HoJo Inn Main Gate in Kissimmee, Fla., plus $500 cash.

"I've been playing SUPER JINGO since it started and have never won anything, not even a small prize, but I've stuck with it," Mrs. Hilczmayer said. "I would have been happy to just win a smaller prize 'cause I've been playing so much.

"This will be really wonderful," she continued. "My husband, Julius, and I will really appreciate this. We really like Florida; we try to go to once a year. I really appreciate this call, I really do. Thanks so much."

The HoJo Inn Main Gate will be the Hilczmayers' headquarters for enjoying all of Orlando's many famous attractions, including Universal Studios, Walt Disney World and Sea World as well as dining, entertainment and shopping.

Their room includes all the amenities, and they will have access to a full-sized swimming pool, a whirlpool and a modern children's playground.

This trip is courtesy of Travel USA and HoJo and includes round-trip charter air, hotel, car rental, Universal Studios tickets, transfers, tax and service.

Call Travel USA East, West or North for details on the 12th annual Bills vs. Dolphins four-day excursion.

Other top prize winners in SUPER JINGO Game 802 include:

Janice Kuznicki of Blasdell -- two tickets to 10 Buffalo Sabres games.

Karen Miller of Akron -- a Zenith VCR.

Edward Witul of Williamsville -- a showroom car detail.

Hans Joachimi of Amherst -- dinner and show tickets.

"Oh, how nice. This must be my lucky week," Mrs. Kuznicki said when she was told she was the second-prize winner of the tickets for Buffalo Sabres games. "I've been playing SUPER JINGO on and off since it started and won a few smaller prizes in the past, which were nice, but nothing like this. I guess this must be my week because I had the Lotto numbers on Saturday and now this.

"This is great. My husband, Thomas, will be very happy. We've gone to some games, and I'm sure that we are really going to enjoy these," she said. "This will be a first; we usually sit way up high. I thank you, and my husband thanks you, too."

"Really? That's great," said Ms. Miller of her third prize, a Zenith VCR. "I've been playing SUPER JINGO for a long time, a very long time, and have only won once. This is great."

"Oh, my goodness! How nice," Witul said when he heard about winning fourth prize, a showroom car detail. "I want to get a nice car now, so I can use it. Actually, I've been thinking that I should sell my car soon."

He added: "I've been playing for about five years and won a movie pass sometime last year. This is great. Well, thank you so much."

"Well, hooray!" Joachimi exclaimed when he found out he had won fifth prize of a dinner and show tickets for two. "I play SUPER JINGO all the time and send in at least two a week. I've won some smaller prizes but haven't won anything in a while."

Asked if he might use his prize for a special occasion, Joachimi said: "My wife, Elaine, and I have an anniversary coming up in December. This might be a nice time."

Remember, it is not necessary to write or phone The Buffalo News if you are one of the other 45 winners. Prizes will be mailed to you soon.

Game cards for SUPER JINGO 804 may be found on Page 48 of today's TV Topics.

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