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I would like to express my disgust and frustration with the Buffalo Sabres general manager, Darcy Regier, and president Larry Quinn. I do not think these two men have the first clue as to how to run a successful hockey organization.

The hardest working team in the NHL, which by the way won a division title for the first time in 16 years, should be on its way, along with the coach of the year, to another winning season. Oh, and don't forget the added bonus of star center Pat LaFontaine. This scenario would be ideal, but is not reality. Instead, we have turmoil!

Ted Nolan is gone, smart move guys. He was the only coach in quite some time to get the Sabres to jell as a team. They played for him, each other, and the fans. Nolan coached from the heart and the players succeeded through devotion, hard work, and fierce determination. Sorry Ted, the No. 1 goalie has a problem with you, you're outta here! We were doing too well!

Then, there's the LaFontaine issue. Patty is finally healthy (thank God), able, and itching to play. The Sabres' captain holds two team records -- most points and most assists by a forward. And yes, he's back! This could be what the team needs to overcome the loss of Nolan and re-group. This is great, right?

Apparently Quinn doesn't think so. The treatment LaFontaine has been given thus far is shameful.

And yet another key player, Michael Peca, seems to be getting the shaft. The winner of the Selke (best defensive forward) Award is a huge asset to the Sabres. Why is his contract still in question?

I think Regier and Quinn should have enrolled in Hockey 101: The Basics, and Hockey 104: Ethics of the NHL, before taking on the jobs which they are obviously not qualified to handle.

They have made a mockery of the Sabres' organization and of the game of hockey. As a loyal Sabres fan, I am truly embarrassed.

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