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The horse racing game and the deplorable way it is being conducted, (especially standardbred), is a joke. Where are the racing stewards, judges and the New York State Racing and Wagering Board? Out to pasture?

How can a horse win a race and pay $24 to win, the second-place finisher go off at odds of 8-1, pay $11 to place and the exacta pay $63? How about a daily double consisting of an $18 and a $16 winner and the double pays $48? Come on, who's kidding whom? These people are stealing money right out of our pockets and nothing's being done about it.

Makes you wonder why the "industry" is going broke? I'll tell you why, people are sick and tired of all the lies and excuses.

If you were playing cards with six people and four were blatantly cheating, would you continue to play? I rest my case.

I remember going to Buffalo Raceway 20 years ago and on a typical Saturday night you would have anywhere from 7,000 to 10,000 people there loving the game and its surroundings. Now you can go to Buffalo Raceway or Batavia Downs on a Saturday night and see all of 900 people, 600 being die-hard regulars.

This tells me that the pubic has become aware of all the games and shenanigans and they are tired of it. Until the nonsense stops and the NYSRW Board steps in and does something about it, the attendance will continue to dwindle.

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