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You've probably used napkin rings countless times to accent your table napkins. And no doubt you've perfected a few intricate napkin folds as well. Here is another unique way to accent your table and coordinate all your accessories, from the invitation you send to the napkins and place cards at the table. With a few supplies that you probably have at home, you can decorate each place setting for a harvest supper.

Though the featured place card and napkin cornucopia are presented in a light floral design, you can coordinate your choices to the season. Choose gift wrap papers with autumn patterns and colors like fall leaves and grapes in shades of pumpkin and aubergine. Instead of attaching a ribbon bow to the rim of the cornucopia, wind a length of grapevine around the cone, accenting the ends with either silk leaves or a cluster of berries, adding a delicate leaf to the matching place card. Then choose a napkin that coordinates with the color scheme.

Estimated working time: 1 hour

Estimated cost: $16


To make a set of four napkin cornucopias and four place cards, you will need:


Gift wrap with floral pattern

Sheet white card stock

Decoupage medium

Paint brush

Manicure scissors

X-Acto knife

Fine green felt-tip pen



Gift wrap

Spray adhesive

Paper: sheet white card stock, sheet white paper


Rubber cement

Decoupage medium

Green felt tip pen

Glue gun and glue sticks

3/4 yard ribbon, 1 3/4 inches wide, or white cotton fabric strip 1 3/4 inches wide by 20 inches long

Spring-type clothespin

Plastic wrap


Pencil, ruler and compass


Gift wrap, $2; paper: card stock paper, $2 per sheet (18 by 30 inches); large sheet paper, 3 cents; rubber cement, $1.29; spray adhesive, $1.79; decoupage medium, $2.40; felt tip pen, 59 cents; glue stick, 10 cents; paintbrush, 89 cents; manicure scissors, $3.49; compass, 79 cents. Optional: cotton strip, 10 cents; plastic wrap, $1.29; clothespin, 5 cents.


1. To prepare place card, cut 3 1/2 -by-4 1/2 -inch rectangle from card stock using ruler and X-Acto knife; score card crosswise across center of rectangle; fold flat.

2. Cut out small motifs from gift wrap using manicure scissors, being careful to angle blade so that paper is beveled along edges.

3. Use paintbrush to apply light coat of decoupage medium to wrong side of motif.

4. Press motif to left half of folded card.

5. To add hand-drawn details, use pen to draw curlicues and tendrils from motif across bottom of card, or as desired.

6. Repeat Steps 1 through 5 for other cards.

7. Write each guest's name on card and set by place setting.

For napkin cornucopia:

1. To make cone pattern, use compass to scribe circle with 7-inch radius on large sheet white paper; mark circle into quarters and cut out one quarter wedge.

2. Place wedge pattern on card stock and trace around; cut out.

3. For lining, place wedge pattern on wrong side of gift wrap and trace around; repeat for outside cone, marking wedge 1/2 inch beyond marked line; cut out both wedge-shaped pieces of gift wrap with scissors.

4. Use spray adhesive to glue lining to wrong side of card stock wedge.

5. Wrap card stock wedge into cone, with lining inside and straight edges overlapping by 3/8 inch; hot-glue straight edges together.

6. Fold straight edge of remaining gift wrap wedge 1/8 inch to wrong side; glue using rubber cement.

7. Use spray adhesive to secure remaining gift wrap wedge around cardboard cone, overlapping straight edges.

(Note: Gift wrap will extend beyond rim of cone; clip into excess at 1/2 -inch intervals and fold over rim onto inside of cone.)

8. Wrap ribbon around cone and tie into bow; hot-glue to secure.

9. Optional: To make fabric bow, dip fabric strip into decoupage medium and while still wet, fashion bow as follows: a) turn long edges 1/4 inch to wrong side, and cut a 7 1/2 -inch, a 9 1/2 -inch and a 3-inch length; b) bring ends of the 7 1/2 -inch length together and overlap, forming a ring; c) flatten ring slightly with overlap at center; d) place on center of 9 1/2 -inch length; e) wrap both tightly with remaining short length, for "bow knot"; f) place on plastic wrap and secure at center with clothespin; g) for each streamer, turn end 1/2 inch to wrong side, and make loop at center; h) bring streamer ends in closely; let dry; i) cut floral motifs from gift wrap; j) with paintbrush, apply decoupage medium to back of motif and press in place, as desired; k) freehand draw small leaves and stems, filling in spaces in between motifs; l) let dry; m) hot-glue bow to rim of cone.

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