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All My Children: Laura walked in to see Gillian and Scott kissing passionately and confronted them about it. When Laura wanted to tell Brooke and Scott the truth, Jim threatened her and advised her to lie. Meanwhile, Gillian questioned Scott about Laura's past. Adam realized he and Liza had been acting like fools, as Liza felt the baby kick for the first time. Edmund caught the maid reporting the goings-on in his home to Dimitri. Dimitri then secretly switched Edmund's pain pills. Brooke caused havoc at the TV studio while Tad's show was airing. Coming: A startling admission.

Another World: With Gary out of town on a case, Toni and Josie were terrorized by Rayburn. Alex floored Rachel by dropping a bombshell about Carl's infidelity. Paulina remained haunted by the car accident, but continued to deny that she has a substance abuse problem. Cindy got new hope regarding her fertility problem. Matt urged Amanda not to proceed with her scheme against Carl, but she forged ahead and stole a pair of Carl's monogrammed cufflinks. Shane tried to make headway with Vicky. Coming: The search for Rayburn heats up.

As the World Turns: David revealed to Emily that Lucinda is not his mother. Emily was uncomfortable with the news but agreed to keep his secret. Holden raced back to Oakdale after learning that Lily was seriously ill. Later, when Jack forced Molly to admit what her ruse had been in Montana, Holden was appalled. Ben and Camille were giving in to their passion when a brick was hurled through the window. Josh surprised Barbara with a marriage proposal, hoping to erase her doubts about his commitment to her and the baby. Coming: Carly faces a deadline.

Bold and Beautiful: Much to James and Maggie's distress, the judge awarded custody of the baby to Sheila. Connor advised James that the only way to reverse the decision is by proving Sheila is an unfit mother, but James pleaded with Sheila not to do this. To make amends to Eric, Lauren informed him that Spectra is showing the missing Forrester designs in their fashion event. Eric rushed over to the show, saw his designs on the runway, and knocked Grant down with rage. Thorne walked in as Stephanie was grilling Taylor about not going through with a marriage to him, and urged Stephanie to leave, rather than subject Taylor to more stress. Coming: James hopes Sheila will relent.

Days of Our Lives: Bo defeated Curtis in a spiritual battle for Billie's soul, as she began to recover from drug withdrawal. Jack was upset by the danger facing Jennifer in her new job as a prison guard. Meanwhile, TC and Travis searched Jennifer's house while she was at work. Sami used her job as a secretary at the hospital to devise a new plan to split up Austin and Carrie. Roman deeply wished to recover and marry Marlena again. Stefano offered money to anyone willing to bring back a jungle flower he needed for Roman's cure. Coming: Vivian continues her plan to win over Jonesy.

General Hospital: Jason showed up at the church to tell Brenda that Sonny would not be marrying her. Stefan told Katherine that he never loved her. Liz viewed an upcoming exam as the chance to prove that Sarah is not perfect. Lucky wasn't happy with the prospect of Sarah dating Nikolas. Carly bought A.J.'s silence by agreeing to provide proof that he's not the father of her child. Keesha had a revealing chat with Monica about A.J. Felicia learned something surprising about the Indian doll. Coming: Nikolas and Sarah get closer.

Guiding Light: Annie was out for revenge when she caught Phillip and Harley sharing a kiss. Annie messed with Harley's medication, causing Harley to say things she wouldn't want Phillip and Buzz to hear. Abby returned home but, in a depressed state, told Rick he should go on with his life without her. Reva became furious when she realized that Annie set her up again, but then it was Reva's turn to get even, and Blake was willing to help. Marcus faced disappointment. Coming: Matt is unable to change Vanessa's mind.

One Life to Live: Ian told Maggie the truth about the warehouse fire. When Max showed up trying to explain, Maggie told him that they're through. Maggie then announced that she's leaving Llanview. Carlotta was furious when Hank arrested Eli for stealing his motorcycle. Jacara was pleased to learn of the rift between Hank and Carlotta. Cassie came home from Europe, believing that Dorian was behind David's disappearance. Mel asked Dorothy to move to Llanview, news that took Dorian by surprise, and not for the better. Coming: Hank is sought after by two rivals.

Port Charles: Cooper set off an explosion in the mental hospital that injured Victor, Frank and Kevin, who needed surgery. Jagger wrote to Karen about his feelings for her and the situation they are in. Karen was exhausted, but assured Ellen she'd be able to assist in the operating room with Kevin's surgery. Eve called Scott for help when her date with Bennett went awry. Matt got Jake to open up about his feelings for Danielle, as Jake prepared to go to New York hoping to find her. Rex broke into the lighthouse, up to no good. Coming: Kevin's medical condition causes concern.

Sunset Beach: Caitlin was devastated when Gregory showed her photos of Cole flirting at the casino. As Caitlin walked along the beach, she found Cole there. Annie and Tim desperately tried to prevent Ben and Meg from communicating by computer. Vanessa was terrified when Virginia made a veiled remark about her mother. Now that Paul is back, Gabi was determined to find a way to come between her and Ricardo for keeps. Ben went back to see the hypnotherapist. Coming: Caitlin doesn't buy Cole's explanations.

Young and Restless: Ryan told Tricia that he's divorcing Nina. Their passion was interrupted when Flo called Ryan with the news that Nina is missing. Phillip blamed Tricia for breaking up his family. Phyllis got Brian to keep quiet about the baby's paternity by threatening to show his wife a videotape of them in bed together. Tony suspected that Nick is the reason that Grace hasn't been growing closer to him. Using the name Sarah, Veronica applied for the job as Nikki's housekeeper, and was hired. When Josh returned home from work, Sarah introduced herself, and he had no idea who she really was. Dru was very upset when Neil told her that he's seen a fertility specialist. Coming: Chris' role in the case bothers Paul.

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