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I've read with interest several articles in The News on the loss of farmland in Clarence due to the development of new houses and roads. It seems these new developments are part of the American dream.

I now cringe and hold my tongue when someone talks about their "beautiful new home" in a new subdivision.

It's time people realize how important it is to recycle houses.

We completely enlarged a three-bedroom ranch into a "dream home" with all the amenities and at the same time were able to preserve the gorgeous 40-year-old maple trees on our lawn. This has shown me we didn't need a new house in a development.

The deer are still coming on our lawn and yes, I'll continue to support their life and existence due to the fact that many people insist on having a new home, which requires the construction of new roads and the loss of more land for wildlife.

People must realize we need to recycle more than just aluminum cans, glass jars and paper.

When the time comes to relocate, look around at the many well-built, used homes that are available. Or buy an existing home and remodel it. That way, instead of destroying the land, we can leave it untouched for everyone to enjoy.

Our lawmakers could help. How about a tax break for those willing to spend $10,000 or more to remodel an existing home rather than build a new one?


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