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Hard-line Bosnian Serb leaders agreed to pare down and retrain their police, signaling a willingness to comply with elements of the Dayton peace plan after months of resistance and international pressure.

Prime Minister Gojko Klickovic, a Serb leader loyal to wartime leader and war crimes suspect Radovan Karadzic, sent a letter Thursday confirming his intention to respect the U.N. police reform plan, U.N. spokesman Liam McDowall said Friday. Bosnian Serb President Biljana Plavsic, a Karadzic rival, did the same, McDowall said.

While police loyal to Plavsic already had begun restructuring to meet provisions of the peace plan, the Karadzic camp previously had refused.

The Karadzic loyalists' new readiness to comply followed a deal reached Wednesday in which pro-Karadzic and pro-Plavsic officials agreed to let Bosnian Serbs decide whom they support through elections.

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