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3:23 -- 952 Maple Ave., criminal mischief. Patricia Blanchard said van's windshield was cracked.

3:45 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., Public Safety Building, arrest. Michael L. Williams, 30, of Michigan Avenue, charged with violation of probation and failure to appear.

3:55 -- 1953 Falls St., arrest. Gail M. Allen, 43, charged with grand larceny, misuse of food stamps and offering a false instrument for filing.

4 -- 2192 Seneca Ave., attempted burglary. Kim L. Rose said a basement window of her home was pried open a few inches.

4:05 -- 520 66th St., Niagara Catholic School parking lot, criminal mischief and larceny. A 17-year-old boy said the trunk of his car was heavily damaged in a break-in, an amplifier was stolen as well as 30 cassettes from the front seat, and several wires were chopped.

4:50 -- 1246 Pine Ave., arrest. Tina R. Black, 26, of Cleveland Avenue, charged with failure to pay a fine and surcharge.

5:25 -- 520 66th St., parking lot, petit larceny. Gary M. Terrana said the stereo and amplifier, CD player and three speakers were stolen when his car was broken into.

8:35 -- 1526 Pierce Ave., arrest. Onita Q. Crowell, 16, of Pierce Avenue, charged with assault.

9:35 -- 336 19th St., Merry Mart, petit larceny. Roy Cox said someone took an unlocked bike from outside the store.

9:50 -- Packard Court, assault and endangering the welfare of a child. A woman said a man punched her about the body while she was holding her daughter.

10:36 -- 241 74th St., arrest. Debra L. Zimmerman, 37, of Buffalo Street, Sanborn, charged with assault and criminal mischief after Thomas Z. Migliazzo said she and a girl lacerated his head, gave him a swollen lip and broke the windshield of his car.

11:36 -- 200 block of 74th Street, assault. A 17-year-old girl said a man repeatedly struck her in the head.

11:48 -- 547 20th St., stolen vehicle. Terri M. Snider said a man took her car, and it was recovered at 543 23rd St. with the radio removed and the glove box ransacked.

11:55 -- 1029 19th St., arrest. Maurice F. Kraft, 37, charged with assault and criminal mischief after Elizabeth J. West said he hit her on the head with a telephone.

11:55 -- 120 57th St., burglary and criminal mischief. Michael P. Murphy said the door to his garage was forced open.


12:05 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Christopher R. Gioannini, 28, of 23rd Street, charged with failure to appear.

12:15 -- 600 block of 27th Street, endangering the welfare of a child. A woman said two men gave her 13-year-old daughter marijuana.

8 -- 624 31st St., burglary. Susan A. Zarrillo said a bike was taken from her garage.

8:05 -- 2937 Grand Ave., burglary. Lori R. Sicoli said a man forced open a door to her garage, entered an unlocked vehicle and damaged the ignition.

8:20 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. David L. Shank, 36, of Willow Avenue, charged with harassment.

8:35 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Robert J. Salerno, 38, of Hyde Park Boulevard, charged with no license and uninspected vehicle.

8:40 -- 2202 Niagara Ave., petit larceny. Donna A. Kinney said a large basketball net, base and backboard set were taken from her back yard.

8:45 -- 1600 block of Weston Avenue, endangering the welfare of a child. Police said a woman left her 2-year-old son home alone while she took her other child to school. The boy was found walking around the neighborhood crying and wearing only a T-shirt, said police. The woman said she left the boy in the care of a man, but he was not there.

8:55 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Brenda Penque, 33, of 24th Street, charged with petit larceny.

9:15 -- 520 Hyde Park Blvd., arrest. Tina R. Black, 26, of Cleveland Avenue, charged with failure to pay tickets.

10:30 -- 24th and Niagara streets, arrest. Nicole G. Lowe, 21, of Niagara Street, charged with prostitution.

10:40 -- 1437 Falls St., criminal mischief. Karen C. Geraci of Wheatfield said a woman totally trashed the inside of the home in the past six months, putting holes in the ceiling, holes and dents in the walls, ruining the furniture and extensively damaging the furnace.

11:15 -- 468 Eighth St., petit larceny. Lindsey R. Brown said a microwave, two bottles of cologne, 10 bars of soap and toilet paper were taken from the padlocked apartment.

11:30 -- 1922 Walnut Ave., burglary. Schuanna Sylvester said a fish tank, fish and other furnishings were taken from her house.

11:30 -- 1330 95th St., G.J. Mann Elementary School, petit larceny. Darlene A. Condino said her sunglasses were taken from her desk.


12:20 -- 621 71st St., petit larceny. Albert Ventry said a bike was taken from his driveway and another left in it's place.

12:50 -- 24 Kies Court, burglary. Vincent LeClair said the side door to his garage was forced open, damaging the lock and door jamb.

2:45 -- 1600 block of Niagara Avenue, petit larceny, criminal mischief and criminal trespassing. A 17-year-old girl said a man kicked the front door in an entry attempt, damaging the lock set, and she later found him in the basement after he entered through a basement window.

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