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I'm writing in regards to the ongoing problem with transportation for the Buffalo Public Schools. My son is in the special education program at Dr. Martin Luther King School. He is supposed to be getting curb-to-curb service but is currently being "temporarily" routed on another bus near our house.

I know of several other children in the special education program who have been forced to go to a different school due to a lack of transportation to the appropriate school.

I'm very frustrated. I have contacted a number of people and everyone I have spoken with has passed the blame onto someone else instead of trying to solve the problem.

I am a single mother of two and I do not have access to a phone during the day, so this situation has really angered me. I support my children financially, but at what cost to their education when I cannot get the kind of support that should be available to everyone?

Debra SzentgyorgyI

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