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An angry and emotional Mary Slaney is giving USA Track and Field a month to change its drug-testing procedures and pay her for her lost season or she will take the case to court.

"I think we'll give them a month," Slaney said Tuesday. "After that, if I have to, I'll go into litigation and I'll take no prisoners."

Those were her first public comments since a USA Track and Field doping panel cleared her a week ago of allegations that she used performance-enhancing testosterone.

The panel unanimously agreed with Slaney's contention that her aberrant testosterone reading at last year's U.S. Olympic Trials could be explained by such factors as a woman's aging process, menstruation and birth control pills.

She also is demanding that USA Track and Field change its rules for testosterone testing in women and is asking for telephone records of the five members of the track and field federation's drug custodial board in an attempt to discover who leaked the fact that she tested positive for excessive testosterone. The leak caused her suspension and her exclusion from the 1996 Olympics.

Slaney said she wants whoever leaked her name to the media to be "absolutely banned from the sport. That's what they tried to do to me."

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