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Princess Diana did not die in vain. Already, one congressman wants a bill to regulate photographers and several are proposing tough new regulations to reduce legal blood-alcohol levels.

Surprisingly both of these proposed new laws stem from the death of a British citizen in France. No matter. The aftermath of the crash fits an all-too-familiar pattern.

Just as soon as any tragedy is publicized, our elected officials race to push for more government regulation. Whether it's an earthquake, a plane crash or tainted beef, blinded by media hysteria, they decide major policy without considering the facts and the cost to the public.

The best current example is President Clinton's frenzied attempt to divert attention from his campaign scandal by proposing new campaign-finance legislation. There are more than adequate laws on the books now. What we really need is enforcement.

Would new regulations reduce drunk driving deaths? I think not. Would enforcement of current laws? I think so. Would new campaign finance laws eliminate violations? I think not. Would enforcement of current laws? I think so.

GEORGE SCHMIDT Williamsville

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