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Now I've seen and heard it all! This city is geting absolutely ridiculous. I'm referring to the proposed "sin tax" on alcohol and cigarettes that would be used to keep the Buffalo Bills here and upgrade Rich Stadium. Apparently they tried this in Cleveland. So where are the Browns now?

We don't need to upgrade the stadium -- there's nothing wrong with it. And why tax only the smokers and drinkers? These are not the only people who go to the games -- where, by the way, you can't even smoke. If you want to put a tax on something, tax the tickets, so the people who go to the games can pay for it. I smoke, but have never gone to a Bills game.

Why don't the Bills and Ralph Wilson take a cut in pay? Wilson has a lot more money than any of us, and the salaries the players get paid are outrageous. One player can make more in one season than most of us make during our entire working career. I wish I could work 16 weeks a year and make the salary I earn now. On top of that, they demand raises year after year, and if they don't get what they want, they pout or threaten to leave. Let them go!

Rich Stadium is the "Home of the Buffalo Bills." I say let them pay their own "mortgage."

Kathleen M. Dillmuth

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