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Smokers and drinkers equal "sinners." That is quite a label to pin on someone. I'm sure there are people in Erie County doing worse things than smoking and drinking, so why not tax them? Why should we pay a "sin tax," while the "non-sinners" (if there are any) reap the benefits?

And what about the local retailers selling cigarettes that will now lose more customers to the Indian reservations? Will this help the economy?

As for the bar owners, they will have to pass the cost on to their patrons. The taxes that were listed in The News were per glass. Add this up per bottle of liquor or case of beer and the total tax quickly rises. Granted, most local bars are busy during football season, so the sin tax may not be as noticeable then. But what about the rest of the year? Surely this new tax will raise the price of beer at Rich Stadium. Do you think they'll just raise it a few cents? I think not.

The people who make these laws are elected. Vote them out of office if they pass this. Also, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. So unless you are sin-free, don't label me a sinner.

Jamie Lawrence