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We wish to express our views on the renewal of the Buffalo Bills lease with Erie County. As property holders, taxpayers and active voting members of this community, we are concerned about the current proposal to take taxpayer money and "give" it to a professional sports team.

For a county with 1.2 million people, spending that kind of money for the potential pleasure of 80,000 on-site fans for only eight games a year is stupidity at its finest. With the incredibly high ticket prices, most people we know cannot even afford to go to the games. Much of the public feels the same way we do. None of us wants to lose the Bills. But, as in any business venture, you must know when to cut your losses.

As business people, we do not believe the numbers regarding revenue that the Bills supposedly generate. All too often, people are willing to give in to the demands of the owners. For once, let them fund their team with their own money.

If local officials truly want to help the area, they should take the money Ralph Wilson wants, renovate an office complex downtown and give it to a Fortune 500 company with a lease agreement. Surely this would generate real jobs and revenue and provide real pride for the area.

Karl Weir, Michael Morlock
and 11 others

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