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"Road rage" is suddenly being pushed into our consciousness by the state and the media. Having experienced this rage, I would like to convey my opinion. Although I have never thought of using my car as a weapon, I have been brought into a temporary rage by the constant inconsideration of many drivers. It is my belief that road rage is not the fault of supposedly aggressive males with high testosterone levels, but of the people that cause this rage. There are many people who possess little or no driving skills.

Among the many inconsiderate acts I see every day are driving way below the speed limit on a two-lane road that has a double-yellow line; blocking the passing lane on a four-lane road by driving astride the car in the slow lane; not leaving any room at stoplights for other motorists to make a right on red; and tossing cigarette butts out of car windows. Needless to say, driving has become a very frustrating experience.

If there is going to be a campaign about road rage, let's at least put most of the blame where it rightfully belongs, and don't use the males in our society as a scapegoat yet again.

John Swigonski North Tonawanda

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