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On the afternoon of July 17 on Longmeadow Road in Eggertsville, my 16-year-old grandson was hit by a car.

I can't believe that someone could hit a boy on a bicycle and drive off leaving him lying unconscious in the street.

I can't believe that when he came to with a New York State trooper standing over him asking him if he was all right, the trooper didn't realize he was hit by a car and also drove off.

I can't believe that at this busy intersection -- where six streets meet and there are always cars and people -- not even one person stopped to help him.

My grandson went home, cleaned himself up and called his father at work. Then they went to the doctor, who sent my grandson to the hospital. After a number of tests, he was diagnosed with a concussion and later released.

To the female driver of the white car that hit him, I'd like to say, "I hope you can live with yourself, and don't be surprised if there's a knock at your door." There's an old saying -- "What goes around, comes around" -- meaning it will come back to you someday.

Jacqueline M. Steger Clarence

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