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All was not fair at the fair.

The only word Chautauqua County Fair manager Larry Wollert could summon up to describe this year's outing was "iffy."

A dismal week of weather and sporadic attendance has prompted Wollert to call for a major brainstorming session in planning next year's event.

"There could be some real serious changes," Wollert said Sunday. "We're also trying to meet with our concession operators and ask them for ideas. They want to be busy, too."

One possible change is to offer a major entertainment figure next year. Wollert said he also would like to work with the Buffalo Bills in putting together a Bills Day for the fair.

"Maybe we could get a few of the players to come over and sign autographs," he said.

Other plans in motion for next year include the construction of a permanent roof instead of a tent over the mini-stage area, along with an overall expansion of the site.

Wollert said he would like to continue to emphasize the rural traditions, such as this year's log-cutting and oxen demonstrations.

These were "very well received," he said.

"We'll be happy if we can pay our bills and have something left over for improvements for next year," he said. "All in all, everything went well, but our attendance is probably down. Monday (a rainy day) set us back on our ear and for most of the week it looked like it would rain."

Then there were the unforeseeable events -- even the ones in plain view.

A demolition-derby contestant Tuesday was banned from competing in Sunday's finals and for at least another year after "mooning" the grandstand audience. The man was charged with public lewdness by the Chautauqua County Sheriff's Department.

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