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I am writing in response to Alfred Mancuso's letter. I am very sorry that he was treated so barbarically in the Attica uprising. I'm sure he suffered greatly at the hands of the corrections officers and I do not condone what they did.

My question is, does he feel any sympathy for the victims of the crimes that put him in Attica? Is he aware that they were innocent victims like he claims he was? Does he believe it was OK to victimize them with "hate-trained hands," as he so aptly stated? Did he think he was on vacation in Attica? Is he appalled by the violent behavior that he and all the prisoners in Attica loosed upon their innocent victims?

I believe the prison authorities and state police were in the wrong, but the caliber (excuse the pun) of the inmates was not too high, and the hostages that were taken must have caused extremely high anxiety in everyone. Much like the anxiety their victims felt! Maybe the victims should sue for what was unjustly done to them.

Jon L. Robbins West Seneca

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