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The 71-year-old woman, bound for Toronto as part of her trip around the world, decided at the last minute she was not going to follow her itinerary.

"The bus driver told us to leave our bags on the bus if we were going to Buffalo instead of Toronto," said Hazel Nixon. "When he said that, I remembered the old song 'Shuffle Off to Buffalo,' and decided I wanted to see what the city was like. I thought, 'Buffalo, here I come.' "

She stayed on the bus but realized she had only $10 in Canadian money. When she got off, she exchanged it for $7 in U.S. currency from "a nice man standing outside the bus station who had a gigantic roll of dollar bills."

"I don't know how things work out," she said. "Someone's looking out for me. Friday night I didn't even know where I was going to sleep. I thought I was going to have to stay in the bus station."

The world traveler is staying at Hostel Downtown Buffalo, 667 Main St., until Tuesday when she will rejoin her two traveling companions to finish their trek around the world.

She found the hostel, which opened last December in the newly renovated Glenny Building, after asking a policeman if Buffalo had one. He told her it was just for kids. "When he said that, I laughed," she said.

She usually stays in hostels because they are inexpensive and she always meets interesting people.

While in Buffalo, she plans to attend some plays.

"There's quite a bit around here," Mrs. Nixon said. "You should spend lots of money to keep the heritage up. If you want money to come in, you've got to keep people here for days at a time. Then you'd bring in money for the city."

She started her trip May 4 by traveling from her home in Australia to Greece for 10 days. She then went to Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. She traveled via the Chunnel to London, where she stayed with her family. After that, it was Scotland, Boston, Washington, D.C., Montreal and now Buffalo.

After Buffalo she'll go to Vancouver, Hawaii, New Zealand and then back to Australia.

This is her second trip around the world. The first trip was 30 years ago.

"I've done lots of walking -- hundreds of miles," Mrs. Nixon said. "Sometimes I have to rest."

Mrs. Nixon, who was born in England, describes her home as "half in Australia and half in England because that's where my family is." She said she travels to see her family and keep them together.

She teaches English as a foreign language to earn money to travel.

"I've been traveling all my life," she said. "I'm on my own now; my children are all grown up."

Her very first trip was at the age of 21 when she went to Egypt.

After that she traveled extensively with her husband who was in the army.

"I have one up on the Beatles," she said proudly. "Remember when they went overland to India? Well I took my daughter overland from England to Australia."

She said traveling keeps her young.

"There is so much beauty in the world," Mrs. Nixon said. "Why should you stay in one place if you can leave?"

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