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A grand piano that belonged to Russian composer and pianist Sergei Rachmaninov has been found in an obscure club in a Russian village, a newspaper reported Saturday.

The Becker piano, tracked down by an amateur historian, will be displayed soon in the newly restored Rachmaninov estate museum in the Tambov region, said Alexander Kuznetsov, head of the regional culture department.

Experts have confirmed that Rachmaninov owned and played it for 25 years before leaving Russia in 1917 when the Bolshevik Revolution broke out, the daily Rossiiskiye Vesti reported.

The discovery is credited to Dr. Yakov Farber, a physician and history buff. After coming to the region to work years ago, Farber visited Rachmaninov's estate at Ivanovka, near Tambov, about 250 miles southeast of Moscow. He learned about the missing piano and set out to locate it.

"Actually I found it in the '50s when I saw it in the cultural center of Rzhaksa," near Ivanovka, Farber was quoted as saying.

He couldn't confirm his guess until he located documents and talked with people in the village, where Rachmaninov lived. The composer died in the United States in 1943 at age 69.

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