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All My Children: Tad urged Liza to tell Adam that she's pregnant. Adam, unaware of Liza's condition, assumed Tad was pursuing Liza again and got steamed at him. Dimitri professed his love to Gloria, but she wanted Tad to go away with her. Unable to tell Edmund the truth, Skye decided to write him a letter concerning Madeline. The Martins learned that Joe needs triple bypass surgery. Jack arranged for Bianca, who has been avoiding Erica, to come to Pine Valley. Opal admitted to trying her hand at matchmaking between Kevin and Kelsey. Coming: Liza tells Adam her secret.

Another World: After Gary and Josie were married, she hinted to him that she might be pregnant. Nick, who appeared drunk but was actually under hypnosis, confronted Toni and was arrested. When it was revealed that another rape had been committed, Nick was the prime suspect. Donna was taken with Rusty, a hot new waiter at the Harbor Club, who was secretly on Grant's payroll. Alexander proposed to Felicia, who said she'd consider it. Cindy lied to Grant that the results of her fertility tests were fine. Coming: Jake is ready to care for Vicky.

As the World Turns: David offered Kirk the chance to run WorldWide and hinted that he might not prosecute Kirk for Diego's murder. When Sam learned that Kirk was buying up WorldWide stock, she became furious. Margo went with Emily to a rape crisis center, but Emily fled from the meeting. Later, she started to bond with David but panicked when he became angry as they discussed Lucinda. Jack refused to kiss Molly on their date, aware that she's still in love with Holden. Coming: An unpleasant reminder for Camille.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Under Sheila's questioning, Maggie said the baby was doing well, and tried to assure Sheila that she did the right thing. When Maggie left, Sheila burst into tears. Ridge taunted Thorne that he's not man enough for Taylor, resulting in Thorne punching his brother. Lauren planned a special dinner for Eric and said she wants a future with him. When Eric couldn't offer that, Lauren told him to leave, only to have Eric kiss her. Clarke discovered that Grant and Brooke may not be legally married. Coming: Sheila pines for James and the baby.

Days of Our Lives: With Salem reeling over the arrival of the mystery man brought home by Kristen, John and Marlena were forced to bring him to the Dimera mansion, where the dying man would be well cared for. Vivian's newfound poverty had her living in a dumpy apartment with Ivan. Austin received good news concerning the annulment, but had second thoughts about telling Carrie after he saw her being comforted by Mike. Bo searched for Billie in Rome, where Max was trying to hook her on drugs. Coming: Sami ignores the impending annulment.

General Hospital: Stefan attempted to apologize to Nikolas, who revealed that he's Katherine's guest. Stefan became angry and heightened Katherine's guilt. With Lucky away, Sarah and Nikolas became closer. Carly continued to lie when A.J. confronted her about her lies to Keesha. Emily, in deep distress, confided to Alan that she believes Monica killed Dorman. Jax was stranded on an atoll with V after lightning hit his plane. Sonny and Brenda were served at a bar by the Tin Man. Coming: Robin's good intentions backfire.

Guiding Light: Rick pleaded with Abby to marry him. Harley and Phillip were stunned when they staged an act of passion to fool Jeffrey, and it turned into the real thing. Michelle pursued the truth about what caused Jesse's mother's death, and went to Lillian for help. Alan urged Annie to drop her vendetta against Reva and share her life with him. Eleni and Buzz managed to elude trouble with the Swiss authorities, only to find Frank at their hotel room door loaded with questions. Coming: Jeffrey has to rethink his strategy.

One Life to Live: Blair regained consciousness but was unable to speak coherently. Jacara agreed to a business deal with R.J. Kenneally, who had escaped and phoned Todd offering advice. Todd embarked on a media campaign against Patrick, trying to reopen the Whiting Investigation. Max and Maggie battled over the warehouse, but later tried to put aside their differences. Bo became concerned when Nora exhibited strange behavior during a fishing trip. Andrew looked for a new home for Eli, whose mother is dying. Coming: Starr's custody is decided in court.

Port Charles: Frank asked Julie on a date, while Chris pressured Eve to break them up. When Eve didn't cooperate, Chris questioned her diagnosis in front of a patient. Frank saw a newspaper clipping that revealed Julie's true identity. Lucy told Danielle that she was Dominique's best friend. Ellen panicked when Grace was questioned about the Cooper case. Scott and Karen took tentative steps toward becoming father and daughter. Coming: Lucy faces up to medical facts.

Sunset Beach: Caitlin learned that she's pregnant but didn't tell Cole. Annie convinced Ben to let her work for him for free, on a trial basis. Meg was caught inside the cave that Ben was blowing up for his resort project. Ben grabbed Meg but they were trapped together by the explosion. Paula lashed out at Ricardo for lying, but a defensive Ricardo said that if she believes others instead of him, they should split up. Coming: Paula regrets her outburst.

The Young and the Restless: Unbeknownst to Phyllis, Danny gave the lab more blood samples, and was informed that he couldn't be Daniel's biological father. In a murderous rage, Danny confronted Phyllis about her lies. Jack told Diane that he can't forget her, and kissed her passionately, as Victor, unseen, looked on. Victor was noticeably cooler during Diane's next visit. When Tricia tried to reach Ryan by phone, Nina warned her never to call him again. Nick apologized to Grace for giving her a hard time, but was still torn over whether he should tell Sharon the truth. Coming: Neil is unaware of Dru's deception.

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